January 30, 2014

Venturing Outside The Craft Section

This is so true! If you venture outside of the traditional "craft" section of a store it might open up a whole world of possibilities such as the picks above. (Click here for my review of them) Also check out holiday sections like Easter, Christmas and Halloween for some cool ideas as well. I have came across some clearance Christmas hooks before to use as a decorative element. (Click here for that video).

Instead of regular craft beads what about some nuts from the hardware section? What about drilling holes in Legos and attaching them to items?

Think outside the box. There is no harm in trying anything out. It is part of the learning process.

January 29, 2014

Don't forget...

This "tip" may seem like an obvious tip but believe when you get "in the zone" with looming it's easier to forget and make a mistake; especially on bigger looms where you might accidentally work in a round when doing a flat panel. Check out this video from 2011 to see what I mean.

Also, don't forget about the giveaway I'll be doing in April to celebrate 3 years of teaching looming so stay tuned for more details!

January 27, 2014

Just In Time For Spring Infinity Scarf Pattern

Using one side of the above loom (18 pegs) I created this simple infinity scarf pattern. 
For a video tutorial click here.

  • Cast on with e-wrap method
  • Row 1: Knit (Flat method)
  • Row 2: Purl
  • Row 3: Knit (Flat method)
  • Row 4 to 10: Drop Stitch, re-wrap peg once before moving on.
  • Row 11: Knit (Flat method)
  • Repeat Rows 1-11 six more times for length in picture
  • Bring the beginning row up through the loom and attach loops onto pegs.
  • Knit over
  • Bind off: Crochet bind off with two chains in between. 

January 24, 2014

Sweet Dreams Baby Hat

**Note: This was originally posted as "Another Simple Baby Hat Pattern On Sock Loom". I decided to rename it.

Not sure why I'm in baby hat mode (most likely because I have a niece that is pregnant) but here is another hopefully simple pattern.

Using the sock loom above and all 60 pegs. You can try this on the Sock Loom 2 but the hat will be bigger unless you adjust.

January 23, 2014

Cuddle Me Baby Hat

**Note: This was originally titled the "Very Simple Baby Hat Using Sock Loom" however I decided to rename it. 

January 16, 2014

Free Drop Stitch Hat Pattern

Simple Drop Stitch Hat Pattern 

  • Using the Yellow Knifty Knitter Circle loom (41 pegs) and two strands of worsted weight (4) yarn. (Coral was used in picture)
  • Cast On with E-Wrap method
  • Row 1: Purl
  • Row 2: Knit
  • Rows 3 thru 10: Double Stitch or Tight Stitch (click here for video)
  • Rows 12 thru 14: Drop Stitch, only one re-wrap peg once before moving on  
  • Rows 15 thru 17: Knit (I used the e-wrap method)
  • Rows 18 thru 23: Drop Stitch only one re-wrap of peg again
  • Rows 24 thru 26: Knit (I used e-wrap method)
  • Cast Off: Gather bind off (what is used typically for hats) 
* The "brim" does curl some but you can smooth it down a little or choose to do a different brim. I kept this very simple but, to me, it looks much better in person for a spring/fall type hat.