October 4, 2016

Purl Into Fall Hat


  • All In One Loom
  • Worsted Weight (4) yarn
  • Looming Tool 
  • Crochet Hook
  • Row Counter (optional)

  • Set the All In One Loom for 84 pegs in a round.
  • Figure 8 Cast On (video) (Note: There will be two loops on the first peg with the working yarn still coming off the last peg because of doing the Figure 8 for the last peg. Knit the bottom loop loop over on the first peg. Now you can continue with Row 1 like you normally would do.
  • Row 1: Purl
  • Rows 2-6: Double Stitch  (video) (I refer to this as "tight stitch" at times.)
  • Rows 7-9: Figure 8 Stitch (Knit both bottom loops over when doing this stitch in this row.)
  • Row 10: Move loops on "odd" pegs over to "even" pegs. (ex. loop on peg 1 moved to peg 2, 3 to 4, etc.). Purl the even pegs as you work your way around. 
  • Row 11: Purl your way around, wrapping empty pegs as you do so, only purling the even pegs.
  • Row 12-15: K6 P6 *Repeat to the end