November 16, 2013

Hooded Scarf Pattern

I have noticed some recent comments on my "Hooded Scarf" video so I thought I would provide the notes I have associated with it.

HOODED SCARF (Used Green Long Loom Knifty Knitter)
1.       5 rows “U” pattern, you are leaving what will be the front of the hoodie part open by NOT wrapping all the pegs.
2.       Then  decrease your way “down” the U
a.       Note: Keep original loops on ALL the pegs wrapped in the beginning but will be creating a pendulum effect.
3.       Then increase your way “up” the U, reversing what you did in step 2.
4.       Once all pegs have been rewrapped and knitted over, decrease what will be the “back of the hood” 4 pegs. You will be moving the peg that is in the middle of the U formation over to one of the pegs next to it and knit over, then continue on.
5.       Decrease front of hood by 1 peg.
6.       Wrap whole loom again once.
7.       Decrease the back of the hood 4 pegs again.
8.       Now you will be working on the scarf area. You will be working on one side at a time and then will do this on the other side. KEEP THE ENTIRE PROJECT STILL ON THE LOOM! No casting off required until you finish one side.
9.       You will need to determine how wide you want the scarf to be, and decrease as you see fit for the width you want it to be. What I am providing is to be used as a guide. Modify what you see fit.
a.       Scarf Side 1: Knit 20 rows.
b.      Decrease 1 peg in front
c.       Knit 20 rows
d.      Decrease 1 peg in front
e.      Knit 20 rows
f.        Decrease 1 peg in front
g.       Knit 20 rows”
h.      Decrease 2 pegs  in front
i.         Knit to desired length   ?? rows (For me 60 rows)
j.        Crochet Cast off –two “chains” in between.

10.   Repeat on other side by casting on like normal and do step 9.