October 21, 2015

The "Ugly" Blanket

Update: 10-24-15 I have stopped calling this the "ugly" blanket. The main reason I did is the first yarn I used is very different than the rest. (It is brighter in person.) But I love the way it is working out. My daughter is helping with what color goes next and is trying to decide if she wants it when done or if she will let me sell it. Kids! Also, I have some of the colors I have used left to incorporate them in the blanket more as I go along. I can't wait for this to be finished! 

This is turning into an interesting project! I decided to work on a blanket/throw for my living room done in crochet. I have shared a couple pictures as I have changed color on my Facebook page. I wanted to share the full progress so far. So, here it is!

October 13, 2015