February 28, 2017

Pay It Forward Gifts I Received

Recently I received a wonderful gifts from a fellow loomer. She has watched my videos for quite some time now and has even inspired a few. We both believe in the idea of "pay it forward". For her, it was paying it forward to me for the videos I make available to fellow loomers.  I don't always get to purchase new items for my crafts so it warmed my heart that she thought of me. I was quite surprised at what I received!

This chenille yarn pictured above is so soft!  I am not sure exactly what I will make with it at this time but you know I will share when I do.

The yarn above is tweed stripes yarn from Lion Brand. I have used this yarn before in my Wildfire Hat pattern and had planned on getting more to make another project.

This small loom has peaked my interest to use for making some scarves or other small projects. But, the gift I received that has me the most excited is the following:

The Adjustable Hat Loom by Knitting Board. This is a loom you piece together in different sizes depending on the size you need. I will, of course, be doing a video about this loom as I get more of a chance to play around with and get comfortable with it. I'm excited and grateful for such a wonderful surprise gift. I will be paying it forward somehow in the future.

I hope this inspires you to do something kind for others and to "pay it forward" for any kindness you have received. Remember, kindness does not have a dollar amount attached to it so don't think you have to spend money to "pay it forward." Little gestures have just as much impact!

Have a great day everyone!!