March 15, 2017

Why Are Swatches Important?

You either love them or hate them.
What is the importance of taking the time to make one? Why can't I just do the project?

Swatches are important for a few reasons, especially to new loomers.
  1. With swatches you can determine the best yarn thickness for the loom you want to use. For example, by doing a swatch on a smaller gauge loom, like the All In One, with a bulky type yarn you will find out that you may not want to use a bulky yarn--that the project works up harder and more tight. Or you may simply need to change the stitch you use with the yarn. The same goes with a thinner yarn on a bigger gauge loom. 

March 8, 2017

The Beautiful Bead Band

Remember this is in video from as well. Click here

This is designed for a small wrist with a circumference of 6 inches.

Set up your Sock Loom 2 (or All In One Loom) to 18 pegs in a round.
Before casting on, place 20 ponybeads on the yarn. I did two black, then two blue but you can do whatever colors you want.
  • Ewrap cast on.
  • Row 1-4: Rib Stitch (K1P1) 
  • Place Stitch markers as shown below: