September 14, 2014

Outside The Box...Again!

As I always say, think outside the box and look outside the craft section of a store. The other day I picked up the following item.

A set of 12 simple shower curtain hangers.

But, I didn't see shower curtain hangers, I saw the making of key chains. 

Simple crochet around one side. I might add more layers. Right now I am still in the "create" and "experiment" stage but I wanted to share. One, to remind you to think outside the box and two in case you had any input to share as I make them. If the idea doesn't work out I'm only out $1.00 (I purchased them at Dollar Tree) and have new shower curtain hangers until another idea strikes! 

Oh, here's one! Little snowmen head ornaments for hanging on the Christmas tree, what do you think? What else could I turn these into? Comment below!