June 26, 2015


I think it's time for an update to all my faithful loomers out there. Lately I have been asked when I will I be making new videos and the answer is simple, when I can so please bare with me. Things around here have been crazy since my husband and I split up last year (officially divorcing in the future). Because of this, I have been on a roller coaster of emotions which do contribute to whether or not I am feeling "camera ready". Plus, I have been looking for work and ways to bring in extra income since he left.

It's been hard but I am doing the best I can with what funds I have through my videos, blog and other support I receive. This is part of the reason I share older videos a lot to allow new followers to see what I have done in the past. Thank you for wanting more videos/patterns; it warms my heart that people appreciate and learn from me. Also, thank you for "liking" and "sharing" my videos and posts. I would not have been able to continue without the support of all of you!