February 6, 2014

Simply Two Will Do Hat Pattern

This simply design should work well for both men and women. 

What You Will Need
Loom Used: All In One Loom from Authentic Knitting Board
Yarn: Red Heart Navy Blue and Black (both weight of 4)
Scissors & Crochet Hook


  • Using the black yarn cast on using  E wrap method for 80 pegs in a round
  • Row 1: Knit (e wrap method)
  • Row 2: Purl 
  • Row 3: Knit (e wrap method)
  • Row 4: Purl
  • Row 5-15 K2P2 (means to Knit 2 pegs then Purl 2 pegs) 
  • NOW ADD 2nd (navy) color on first peg that has the black
  • Rows 16-25: P2K2 Start with Black (purling the navy loop as well that is now on there with the black), then alternate the color yarn you are working with so that you are purling in black and knitting in navy in the round. 
  • Rows 26-28: Knit using the black (you can leave both yarns on there as you will be returning to the alternating again soon.)
  • Rows 29-33: K2P2 this time alternate colors where you are knitting in black and purling in navy, again starting with black.
  • Cut and tie the navy to the black yarn now
  • Rows 34-54 Knit in Black
  • Gather Bind Off
  • Use Crochet Hook to help secure hat close