Crafty Craft: Flower Arrangement

This craft project was both fun and simple. I purchased the red glass vase at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store a few weeks ago knowing I would find a use for it. Red is my favorite color. Recently, I purchased a new desk and decided this vase was to be included in the desktop decor. I purchased three bags of glass stones in the craft section of the Dollar Tree. Then I purchased the flowers at Walmart, with the help of a fellow customer's opinion.

First, I place a few stones at the base of the vase. Then I pulled apart the carnations which came in a small bunch into separate pieces with stems. The Hydrangea flower was only one big flower but I had to cut the stem down to size for the vase.

Second step was I placed the Hydrangea slightly toward the front of the vase knowing the vase was going to be to the back of my desk. I didn't care what the back of the vase looked like, I was focused on what I would see when sitting down. I poured more of the glass stones in around the stem, still keeping the flower mainly to the front. (To make it easier I transferred them out of their bags into a big plastic measuring cup.)

Third, I then placed the carnation around the bottom to fill in the empty space between the Hydrangea and the vase. Again, I didn't worry about the back. If I planned on having the vase in a different location I would have continued the carnations around the whole vase and kept the Hydrangea in the middle more.

Very simple project. And the total spent was around $12.00.

I'm very happy with the end results. It makes working at my desk more peaceful and happy if that makes sense. Please share any flower crafts you have done below.

Why Are Swatches Important?

You either love them or hate them.
What is the importance of taking the time to make one? Why can't I just do the project?

Swatches are important for a few reasons, especially to new loomers.

  1. With swatches you can determine the best yarn thickness for the loom you want to use. For example, by doing a swatch on a smaller gauge loom, like the All In One, with a bulky type yarn you will find out that you may not want to use a bulky yarn--that the project works up harder and more tight. Or you may simply need to change the stitch you use with the yarn. The same goes with a thinner yarn on a bigger gauge loom. 

The Beautiful Bead Band

Remember this is in video from as well. Click here

This is designed for a small wrist with a circumference of 6 inches.

Set up your Sock Loom 2 (or All In One Loom) to 18 pegs in a round.
Before casting on, place 20 ponybeads on the yarn. I did two black, then two blue but you can do whatever colors you want.
  • Ewrap cast on.
  • Row 1-4: Rib Stitch (K1P1) 
  • Place Stitch markers as shown below: