June 5, 2014

He Asked A Question?!

My husband decided to take me out for lunch today. I decided, inspired by fellow loomer Beth H., to put a looming project in my bag. My husband's not a big talker, unlike me, so I figured I could make something while there instead of talking his ear off. (He had a headache before we left the house.)

I brought my spool loom, some scrap Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in blue, and my crochet case which also holds my a looming tool and scissors. I figured I could make some extra freezer pop cozies while there.

So, I was knitting and he was smiling at me since I wasn't my "talkative" self because I was looming and, well, I take it is seriously. LOL After about a couple minutes he actually asked me a question about my looming! I have been looming for over 3 years now and he has rarely asked me questions.

Looming is not his thing and I understand that. Sorta how I view his golf or video games. We had a good laugh at him asking me a question. (I would tell you it but it actually inspired something I want to try first. If it works I'll share of course.)

All in all it was a great time with him as usual. 

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