June 22, 2014

Pet Peeve #1

Looming is serious business. Okay, maybe not to everyone but if you are reading this chances are it is to you. I was thinking about some of my "pet peeves" regarding looming and figured I would share some of mine from time to time. Here is one :

In order for me to get yarn in my town I have to go to Walmart. First, they cut down how much yarn they had to begin with from a full aisle to about half now. Now, what they are suppose to have isn't always in stock. The nearest other (good section) of yarn is at a Joann store either 30-40 minutes away. With gas prices who wants to travel that far just for yarn and risk it not being there either. 

Therefore, I save going to Joann for when there are other errands to run that way as well. Most of the time I end up ordering online which has it's plus and negatives. Sometimes you just want to feel the yarn before buying right? (Of course I check garage sales in my areas as well.)

Maybe I should write a letter to them?

Dear Walmart,
You have a crappy yarn aisle now. It's half the size and not stocked up all the time. Please get your butt in gear and keep it stocked up so I can be a happy loomer. I will check next week on your progress.

Thank you. 

An Addicted Loomer

Maybe that will work?