October 7, 2014

I Feel Slightly Guilty...

I have never done this before. I feel guilty...somewhat. Therefore I must confess....
I have never "frogged" someone else's work because I wanted the yarn...until now.

I was at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in my town with a friend and came across a bag with yarn. Beautiful yarn, at least to me. There was some balls of yarn and a partial skein in the bag along with a person's project which appeared to be a small blanket.

When I saw the yarn I wanted it. I could make out that the wrapper on the partial said "Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick" (Super Bulky). (Later I would research and realize this yarn might be discontinued.)

Once I was home I began the process, luckily, it seems, it was crocheted and someone had started to frog it some anyway. So, I don't feel TOTALLY guilty about taking it apart.Along with the blue below there was a shade of red as well.

 I'm envisioning this yarn as a fall/winter scarf. Has anyone else used this type of yarn? I may use it in a video because I believe you can find something similar to it.