June 25, 2016

I Have Never Baby Shower Game

The excitement of a new life entering the world is always a magical time and baby showers are typically the way we celebrate the arrival of a new little bundle of joy. Baby shower games range from Bingo to Guess How Much Toilet Paper Goes Around Mom's Belly.

When I gave a baby shower for a friend years ago, I came up with this game of "I Have Never" which was, honestly, a play on the drinking game that was popular then. I picked up a cheap piggy bank, or you could make one, and provided change or asked guests to bring some coins with them.

Depending on the number of guests, you may decide to place smaller piggy banks at each table. Now the fun begins!

  • Whomever is hosting the party has a list of "I Have Never" statements. 
  • As each is read, anyone who has done it puts some coins into the piggy bank.
  • This continues until all the statements are read which can be as many or little as you want of course but I would maybe say between 5-10. 
  • Once completed, the piggy bank is handed to the mom-to-be and becomes the baby's first piggy bank. 

Coming up with the statements is the fun part! Here are some examples:
  • I have never lied about how cute a baby was to their parents.
  • I have never had a baby poop on me. 
  • I have never poured something other than formula into my baby's bottle when half asleep.
  • I have never let my child "cry it out".
  • I have never worn a shirt with spit up out in public.

And, again, who ever has puts the money in. Be as crazy and unique with statements as you want! 

Don't forget my about my "Crazy Idea" video related to piggy banks.