April 1, 2014

Mini Easter Basket Pattern

Height is 6.5-7 inches Tall

You will need the small blue Knifty Knitter (24 pegs).
Two Strands of Worsted Weight Yarn (weight of 4)

  • Using two strands of yarn, do the drawstring cast on. (Click here for video)
  • Knit one row (e-wrap method was used)
  • Purl one row
  • K3P3 for 6 rows
  • Close drawstring
    • It will be tight, don't pull too hard. Close as much as possible and use a crochet hook to tie it closed. 
  • K3P3 for 2 rows
  • P3K3 for 2 rows
  • K3P3 for 2 rows
  • Crochet Bind off with one chain in between (Click here for video)
  • Now make an I-Cord for 30 rows with one strand of yarn and attach to basket for handle. (Click here for how to make an I-Cord)
    • Use a crochet hook to tie handle to basket. 
  • Fill with a small surprise!