March 31, 2014

My 3 Top Yarns (So Far)


It's what loomers live for and use everyday. Over the 3 years I have been looming I have a couple "favorites" I buy when money allows. Most of the time I use Red Heart Saver yarn due to cost but sometimes you have to "splurge".
I will be linking to Joann Craft And Fabric store since this is my local yarn store. Keep in mind these yarns may be available at other stores of course. l

  1. Lion Brand Vanna's Choice I have used this with fingerless gloves. I love the softness of it for projects that are going to be against the skin. 
  2. Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn If I have a choice I love this yarn for baby blanket, especially if you live where it snows and gets very cold. I have made adult blankets out of this yarn as well so don't think it is just for babies.  I linked to the bigger skeins of it but you can get it in smaller skeins. It's super thick and soft!
  3. Red Heart Comfort Yarn I like to purchase the bigger skeins of this yarn because it lasts awhile. It is softer than the Red Heart Saver yarn but not as soft as the Lion Brand and Bernat I have already mentioned above. 

As I get to experiment with other yarns I'm sure I will have new favorites. What are your favorites?