August 24, 2014

5 Challenges For You

Okay everyone, I want to challenge you to do one or all of the following challenges this week and report back to me. Are you ready? 

Let's Go!
  1. Find a new pattern and give it a whirl! (Share picture when done!)
  2. Loom in a public location and see how many give you a curious look. (See if you can get someone to take a picture of you, post.)
  3. Introduce looming to one new person. (Again get a picture if you can!)
  4. Complete two small projects you haven't made before. (Picture!)
  5. Post 3 of your favorite looming videos on your Facebook, Pinterest or other account. 
Share this challenge with others and don't forget to share results on Simply Intertwined's Facebook page when done!

Have fun!