August 22, 2014

It Needed Some TLC...

Some projects take longer than others of course. Blankets are one of them. When someone asks how long does it take to make a blanket, it's hard to say honestly.

It depends on:

  • the yarn, bulkier yarn = faster (At least to me)
  • the time you have to spend on it (How many "distractions" do you have? Family? Work? Something shiny just went by? :) )
  • how fast you loom (but never compare your speed to others. Some days I can loom fast, other days kinda slow.)
This is a blanket I have currently been working on for a while. I know I have shown it before. Typically, I kept it at my office for my chapter of Project Linus at the St. Lawrence Centre Mall

However, I decided to bring it home. It needed some TLC that only bringing it home could give it. 

I love that with the "S" shape since it creates a 5ft wide panel! Of course you can use less pegs to make smaller sizes. It is a long way from being done. I am using worsted weight yarn that was donated to my chapter. The loom I purchased a while back from D.A. Looms but sadly they are no longer in business. There are other companies that make similar looms. CinDwood Crafts, Authentic Knitting Boards to name a couple. If you have experience with "S" type loom from either place please share your thoughts/reviews below. Thanks!