August 9, 2014

Confession Of A Loomer

As of a couple weeks ago, my husband decided we needed to have a trial separation. It threw me for a loop. 

My body and mind are going through an adjustment period. We still love each other and want to work it out, which is good. (Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.) We are keeping it friendly for our daughter and he has been over to see us since he left. 

We have been together for 15 years, married for almost 10. No one is to blame. I am not a perfect wife; he isn't a perfect husband. But, acknowledging he needed some space was a big move. We will handle it the way we see fit. Again, we love each other and I know, deep down, we can work through this "rough patch". So, no mean comments about either one of us please. I wasn't sure I wanted to confess it on my blog but I knew it at some point it would come out. 

I will be focusing on my job of teaching loom knitting, working on my 1st book and much more! 
My job of looming has allowed me to remain home with our daughter and limit stressful situations that cause my anxiety to spike, like winter driving. I am not weak because I have anxiety; I'm strong because I'm learning how to manage it and still  provide for my daughter and myself during this time. 

So, please spread the word about my looming to help grow our community! I want to thank all my loomers, friends, and family for your support during this time.