November 14, 2015

Drum Roll Please!

Drum roll please!!!

The blanket came out a little shorter than I wanted due to not having more of the colors to do full rows with but I am very happy with it. My bed is queen size and as you can tell it isn't too much smaller.

I did 205 chains to start this crochet blanket and then used either single, double or triple crochet as I have mentioned before. I keep it simple and added a small white border though part of me wanted to do a little more white around it.

My daughter loved it as well. At first I called this the "ugly" blanket but as I worked on it, and with the positive feedback from fellow crafters, I see the beauty in it now.  As I mentioned on Facebook I took the left over yarn and used my yarn ball winder to have it all one piece for a future project. 

My daughter suggested a small blanket for her stuffed animal so we will see. It will be interesting to see how the colors work up. 

Have a great day everyone!