December 16, 2015

Aspen Claret Hat

You will need:
Two color choices I used Red Heart Super Saver Aspen Print and Claret.
All In One Loom
Stitch Markers
Row Counter
Looming Tool
Crochet Hook

1. Adjust loom to 76 pegs then use the E-Wrap Cast or other preferred cast on method.

2. Rib Stitch over two stitches (K2P2) in Claret for 3 rows. **NOTE: You can place stitch markers to remind you when to knit and purl.

3. Add Aspen color on first peg and now continue Rib Stitch like before but alternate colors by doing the Knit in Aspen and the Purl in Claret for 5 rows **NOTE: By placing Aspen on first peg that is part of K2 you will do.

4. Cut the Aspen yarn and tie it to Claret, then do Chunky Braid Stitch in Claret for 5 rows **Click here for video on stitch. When working this stitch make sure to wrap a little looser than normal in order to take the bottom stitches over the top stitch.

5. Add Aspen, like step 3, and work both colors again K2 (In Aspen) P2 (In Claret) for 5 rows

6. Cut and Tie Claret to Aspen. and continue with Chunky Braid Stitch in Aspen for 5 rows

7. Cut and Tie Aspen to Claret and continue Chunky Braid Stitch in Claret for 4 rows

8. E wrap knit 15 rows **NOTE: I would recommend adding 5-10 more rows if you want it to cover your ears more.

9. Drawstring Bind Off

*A crochet hook may be helpful in fully closing off the hat see video in list below.