December 30, 2015

Change Challenge 2016

As 2016 approaches I want to challenge you to the "Change Challenge". What is the "change challenge"? First let me tell you a story. When I was pregnant with my daughter I began saving my change shortly into my pregnancy and in the end I had around $70 dollars saved! I made sure to pay with bills in order to get change...and save it. So, here are the rules of the "Change Challenge".

First, get yourself a "piggy bank". I found this one at my local Salvation Army for $0.49! I started my challenge at the beginning of December. I love how it says "SPEND" when my goal is to "SAVE" therefore it makes me smile when I see it.

Second, pay with bills to get change to deposit into your special bank each night whether it's only a penny. Do not pay with change at all during this challenge. If your bank get full transfer the money into something larger but DO NOT  roll it in coin wrappers, turn it in to Coinstar or your bank until your "end" date. 

Third, pick a time in 2016 you will turn in your change to see results. Maybe your birthday, anniversary, first day of school or Christmas.

Fourth, share this challenge with others! 

Fifth, make sure to share your results on your end date. My end date is my birthday in September. 

Have fun! 

Now the important question: Are you in?