April 12, 2017

Crafty Craft: Flower Arrangement

This craft project was both fun and simple. I purchased the red glass vase at my local Salvation Army Thrift Store a few weeks ago knowing I would find a use for it. Red is my favorite color. Recently, I purchased a new desk and decided this vase was to be included in the desktop decor. I purchased three bags of glass stones in the craft section of the Dollar Tree. Then I purchased the flowers at Walmart, with the help of a fellow customer's opinion.
First, I place a few stones at the base of the vase. Then I pulled apart the carnations which came in a small bunch into separate pieces with stems. The Hydrangea flower was only one big flower but I had to cut the stem down to size for the vase.

Second step was I placed the Hydrangea slightly toward the front of the vase knowing the vase was going to be to the back of my desk. I didn't care what the back of the vase looked like, I was focused on what I would see when sitting down. I poured more of the glass stones in around the stem, still keeping the flower mainly to the front. (To make it easier I transferred them out of their bags into a big plastic measuring cup.)

Third, I then placed the carnation around the bottom to fill in the empty space between the Hydrangea and the vase. Again, I didn't worry about the back. If I planned on having the vase in a different location I would have continued the carnations around the whole vase and kept the Hydrangea in the middle more.

Very simple project. And the total spent was around $12.00.

I'm very happy with the end results. It makes working at my desk more peaceful and happy if that makes sense. Please share any flower crafts you have done below.