June 11, 2017

The Jolly-Jingle Scrubby Pattern

This can also be found in video form by clicking here.

Using the red Knifty Knitter circle loom (31 pegs), cotton yarn and dish scrubby yarn:

  • Drawstring Cast On with both yarn
  • 1 row of E-wrap knit
  • 1 row of Purl 
  • 10 rows of Rib Stitch
  • Close off the drawstring cast on using a crochet hook. (Go to the 11:14 minute mark in video to see.) 
  • 2 rows of Chunky Braid Stitch
  • 3 rows of Double Stitch
  • 3 rows of E-wrap Knit
  • Gathered Bind Off 
  • Make sure to tie some yarn in the middle to help join the centers together and have the scrubby as one. (You can watch from the 26 minute mark of the video to see what I mean to finish off this scrubby.)
Remember: This can also be found in video form by clicking here.