July 11, 2017

Simple U Knit Coaster

You Will Need:
  • Sock Loom 2 (or All In One Loom)
  • Crochet Hook
  • Looming Tool
  • Cotton Yarn- I used Peaches & Cream: Rouge Red (I picked up a small skein at a thrift store for 0.99 so I am unsure if that particular yarn is still available.)
  • Using one strand of cotton yarn Ewrap cast on 17 pegs on the Sock Loom 2 
  • Complete 60 rows of U Knit stitch. Remember to be careful with your tension otherwise it will be harder to knit over the next row. 
  • Crochet/Chain Cast off with two chains in between.
  • Measurements: 4.5 inches by just under 4.5 inches.
  • You may need to block the coaster afterwards or place between two hard objects to help with curling. I liked the idea of there being different looks to the coaster on each side therefore I didn't do this in garter stitch that does help with curling.

Videos that will help:

Post with links to help if you choose to block the yarn: