February 26, 2014

Simple Barefoot Sandals Pattern

Rough written pattern for these.
Make sure to check out the video if you need more help. (click here)

You will need:
Worsted weight yarn (4)
Sock Loom 2 from Authentic knitting board (though you should be able to modify to other looms.)
Crochet Hook
Knitting Tool

  • Using the sock loom 2 find the two pegs in the middle. 
  • Place loop on one peg and work your way back and forth between the two using the e-wrap method for 10-15 rows depending on how big you want the toe ring to be. (15 rows was used in picture above, I'm a size 8.5-9 shoe)
  • Now bring up one of the first loops and create your ring by placing it back on one of the pegs and knitting over. (hiding your starting tail as you go)
  • Now increase to create a "triangle" by determining how far out you want your triangle. I placed stitch markers at 5 pegs out from each side of the two original pegs used. 
  • Increase by wrapping a new empty peg as you go back and forth during each row until you hit your stitch markers. 
  • Crochet bind off with one chain in between. 
  • Decide if you want to use just pieces of yarn or a different cord idea, like mentioned in the video, to use to tie around ankle and attached one to each end.
  • Place toe in ring, wrap and tie around ankle and enjoy!