February 28, 2014

Hospital Waiting Room

Yesterday my husband had to have a procedure done at the hospital (nothing major) so in true looming fashion I brought a loom and yarn with me. I also brought a book but never opened it. As I sat in the waiting room, with a few other people, I took out my Sock Loom 2 and some blue/purple yarn to start a baby hat. An older woman immediately asked what I was making on it. I explained a baby hat for a friend and she asked if it was easier than knitting. Since I don't knit I couldn't quite answer but told her that a lot of people who have trouble with their hands, like her, prefer the loom over knitting needles.

We talked for a few minutes and before she left I gave her my information regarding my Youtube channel on a small piece of paper. I realized I needed new business cards, something more professional. Soon I was alone in the waiting room and hospital staff would walk by every now and then, doing a double take on me and my loom. I smiled back.  I loved the curious looks on their faces and if they were closer I would have told them what I was doing on it. I have no problem talking about looming of course.

Have you been in that situation?

Last night I ordered some new business cards so I could be better prepared for next time. As for the baby hat, it isn't done yet. I did the garter stitch for the brim and now just e-wrapping and knitting over. I kept the design very simple since I was at the hospital. Next time I'll bring stitch markers.