July 13, 2014

Shouldn't every room in your house have a little something loomed?

Okay so the other night I got a new shower curtain and rugs for the bathroom.

I am on a mission to slowly improve our place in little ways. Replacing some items, tossing out others. Today the loomer in me is inspired.

This is a shelf in the bathroom (messy I know but oh well that's ANOTHER project). It  has three shelves (but no way will I show you all of them right now. LOL) Can you tell what I have lining it? Yup, newspaper....

I've had the shelf in there a while and I can't remember WHY I lined it with newspaper. I know its a little damaged underneath, still usable though. Anyway, this will change, after all  I'm a loomer right? And shouldn't every room in your house have a little something loomed? 

Therefore, today's project is a runner for the top shelf (more later for the other two). A simple, black runner. I might do a crochet edge around it in a different color when done. As you can see, I'm using my Sock Loom 2 and a yarn with a weight of 4 (Red Heart). 

I'm using 44 pegs to give me roughly 12 inches wide. I need it to be 12 inches wide and around 30 inches long. Sure, I could just use fabric but what's the fun in that? I will just "wing it" on the pattern, changing stitches when bored. A simple project. 

Not everything you make has to be fancy. Simple is good too. What's on your loom today?

(Yes I will share a "finished" picture once done.)