July 5, 2014

Tell Family You Want Yarn And...

So, I know I have posted receiving yarn before but I love sharing with you guys! After all, it is important to remind you to tell family/friends about your want--I mean need--of yarn, right?

My Aunt Cathy, who raised me, surprised me today with some free yarn! A man's daughter passed away and brought in a bunch of yarn to see if anyone wanted it at a place my aunt hangs out. Course my aunt knows of my looming addiction so she gladly took a bunch to bring to me.

This is what I got:

Bag #1

Bag #2

Bag #3

Bag #4

Bag #5

Just when I thought I had things figured out on what I wanted to do with the yarn I had, I get more! LOL My mind was going crazy looking at it all.

I don't mean to make anyone feel bad about posting this but I couldn't help it. I love my family/friends when they are thinking about me, just like I think about them when I'm out and about trying to score great deals.

There was even a small completed blue baby blanket, I think crocheted, that I plan on donating to my chapter of Project Linus so that it can comfort a baby.

I hope this man's sister is looking down and smiling knowing her yarn is going to be put to good use.