July 8, 2014

Basic Steering Wheel Cover Pattern

*Important, you will want the cover to be tightly on there to be safe to drive. 

After doing some research I came up with my plan of action.

  1. Measure the steering wheel around the outside. (Mine was 48 inches)
  2. Measure the width of the steering wheel. (Mine was roughly 4 inches)
  3. Pick a color (My daughter chose the green.)
  4. I used the flower loom, it has 12 pegs total. I used only 9 of them to get the width I thought I needed. Therefore you may need to adjust yours. Do a swatch to see. (Next time I may add a couple pegs.)
  5. Using one strand of worsted weight (4) yarn I did the e-wrap cast on leaving about a 5-6 inch tail. Then did the double stitch, what I typically call the "tight stitch" of one over two, until it was at around 45 inches long. (Again this will vary depending on your steering wheel.)  **Make sure the yarn isn't too slippery. You can try a cotton yarn.**
  6. Then bring up the beginning row and attached the loops back on. (Don't weave in the beginning tail you will use it later.) 

  7. Knit the bottom two over the top and then e-wrap knit for a couple rows. 
  8. Crochet bind off with one chain. (You could do just knit bind off) If you don't want it to look like below then bind off after joining instead of doing a couple rows.
  9. Then I gently stretched the width of the yarn out by going around the "tube". 
  10. Now take it out to your car and stretch it over the steering wheel and place the joined part at the bottom of the wheel.(Just to make it less noticeable.) Remember you want it snug. 
  11. Using the tail and a crochet hook weave the tail to the other side of the cover. Work it in and out of a few stitches then tying it to secure it. 

  12. Now go around, using pieces of yarn to tie the cover as closed as you can to secure the rest to the wheel. A crochet hook will help you get the yarn through. I tied a double knot each time. I thought of it as if you were making a knot at the beginning of tying a shoe. This process took about an hour for me. I did it in sections around the steering wheel, which you want to be able to turn during the process. You can choose to sew it on as well if you have a plastic needle. 

  13. It's not perfect but better than the "before." I'm sure I will make another one later on that is better hence the title of this being "basic". 

*Get bored with one, cut it off and make another!