January 29, 2015

Raven Child Cowl

My daughter is 7 and I wanted to make her a snug cowl for in the morning when it can be very cold waiting for the bus. She wanted it in black hence the "raven" naming of it. She did like it more than the face she is giving in the picture--not quite a morning person.

Use the Green Circle Knifty Knitter with 36 pegs and two strands of worsted weight (4) yarn (black was used) or one strand of bulky yarn.

Videos that will help:

  1. Ewrap cast on
  2. Purl a row
  3. k1 p1 k2 p2 k3 p3 k4 p4 k5 p6 k5  Repeat for 5 rows. 
  4. Double Stitch for 14 rows
  5. Chunky Braid Stitch 3 rows
  6. Knit a row, Purl a row Repeat twice (Garter Stitch)
  7. Crochet Cast Off with 2 chains in between

**It was hard to get pictures given she wanted it in black.**