December 13, 2013

My Doctor Who Inspired Scarf (Rough Pattern)

Remember this scarf I did in October? I finally decided to give you a general idea of a pattern.

Cast on 16 stitches using the All In One Loom as a rake like below. Click here for related video.

Once your cast on is done, here is a rough idea of how I did it. I used a weight of 3 or 4 yarn. I would recommend the same weighted yarn throughout the scarf. My brown was a lighter weight than the other colors. You will be changing colors of course, click here for video related to this when using the Figure 8 Stitch. 

I used the colors Brown, Spring Green, Yellow and Coral  and the Figure 8 stitch throughout as follows:
**I didn't keep track of rows so I measured how much each section roughly was on the scarf.**
  • 2 inches Brown
  • 9 inches Spring Green
  • 7 inches Brown
  • 6.5 inches Yellow
  • 4.5 Brown
  • 2 inches Coral
  • 2 inches Brown
  • 6 inches Spring Green
  • 2 inches Brown
  • 2.5 inches Yellow
  • 3 inches Brown
  • 6.5 inches Coral
  • 4 inches Brown
  • 2.5 inches Spring Green
  • 6 inches Brown
  • 4.5 inches Yellow
  • 5.5 inches Brown
  • 3 inches Coral
  • 5 inches Brown
  • 1.5 inches Spring Green
  • 5.5 inches Brown
Cast off, for help go to about the 9 minute mark on the first video above. 
It will come out to about 85.5 inches give or take and is easy to adjust for different lengths. The amount of stitches you cast on may be different on another loom. Like I mentioned, this was done on the All In One Loom.