December 12, 2013

Progress Of My 1st Crochet Blanket

As some of you know I've been working on my first crochet blanket. I was suprised that I have been enjoying the process. I'm far from done and far from "perfect" in my technique but wanted to give it a try. Needle knitting, I know won't be for me, but crocheting might. I call this blanket "The Wave", as least for now, because of how the edge is on it. But, it's fun and different. I love seeing how far I've come with each picture.

The last picture is from yesterday when I added another color. For the new and the row before I did what's called a "Basic Treble Stitch", at least according to the video I watched on Youtube. Before those rows I did a double crochet and some basic single crochet. I'm going to be continuing the Basic Treble for a few more rows at least then take a photo to show the blanket size at that point and share it of course. I have no clue how long it will take to make it the size I want which is to snuggle with while watching TV or how much yarn it will take to finish it. I wanted to share because while I'm considered a "teacher", I'm a student too just like you. Plus I know some of you were interested to see how it was coming along.

Have a great day!