December 1, 2013

Simple Woman's Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Using the same sock loom as in the recent man's fingerless gloves I created another simple pattern for a woman.

Yarn used was Red Heart Comfort ("black) weight 4. Click here more details
*Remember may need to be adjusted to fit a smaller or bigger wrist.*
1. Cast on 42 pegs in a round using the e-wrap cast on.
2. P2tog = 1 row
3. Purl = 1 row
4. P2tog = 1 row
5. Purl = 1 row
6. Knit = 10 rows (using e-wrapping)
7. Now create thumb hole by moving loops off of one peg and moving over(and knitting over), then off another peg and moving over (and knitting over)  to create 2 empty pegs like picture. I used inside pegs. 

8. Work in a "U" knitting for 14 rows (e-wrapping method)
9. Knit = 5 rows CLOSING OFF the thumb hole as you go around. 
10. Figure 8 stitch = 15 rows
11. Crochet Cast Off with 2 chains in between. 

Helpful Videos:
*For how to do P2tog click here.
* For Figure 8 stitch click here
* For Crochet Cast Off click here