March 1, 2014

10 Signs To Stop Looming... least for a little while.

  1. Your hands hurt. If you are in pain please take a break. 
  2. You compare your work too much to others. When you feel yourself start to compare too much, take a break and remember why you love looming. 
  3. You have the "have to " attitude because someone is waiting for what is on the loom. They can wait. You will loom crappy if not in the mood to loom. 
  4. It is a beautiful day out. Enjoy it. 
  5. You want to loom but not sure what to loom. A break will do you good.
  6. You have "frogged" a project so many times you could be in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  7. You have been sitting so long that when you stand up you are still in a sitting position. 
  8. There is an indent of a looming tool in your hands. 
  9. When you have more than 10 projects going on at once. Step back, breathe and tackle one at a time.
  10. You have run out of yarn.

Do you have any to add? Comment below! Have a great day!