March 5, 2014

Small Bow-Wow Sweater Written Pattern

You will need:
The small blue 24 pegs Knifty Knitter circle loom
Use two strands of yarn (weight of 4) at the same time (can be the same or different colors)
Loom Tool
Crochet Hook
Row Counter
Stitch Markers


  • Using two strands of yarn do the e-wrap knitting cast on 
    • You can use a different cast on
  • Garter Stitch for 8 rows
  • Bind Off 4 Pegs on each side as show below

  • Now work on just two pegs in front for 6 rows

  • Now wrap the empty pegs as you work your way around for one row of knit.
    • The empty pegs will only be wrapped now and then knitted over in the next step.
  • E-wrap knit for 10 rows
  • Bind off 8 pegs 

  • Now e-wrap knit for 10 rows as a flat panel on the other pegs.
  • Do the garter stitch for 5 rows (ending on a knit)
  • Crochet cast off with one chain in between

Videos That Will Help: (click on title)