November 8, 2013

A "Crazy" Idea?

I have an idea. 

But, am I crazy?

Is it "stupid"? 

Who cares! LOL 

So, I had the idea to make hanging files out of yarn, using "scrap" yarn. I have some regular hanging files to use as a templates. I plan on cutting the hanging part out to weave it into the project. I will create holes to put it through at the top and bottom. This is the starting of the idea. I still have to go through with it and see if I like the finished project. But, that is how my creativity. Don't knock an idea until you try it. 

I even talked to a fellow loomer Bonny about it to hear what she thought; we had a nice little laugh over it. What are some "crazy" ideas you have had?
Don't hesitate...