November 20, 2013

Flashback: Simple Adult Blanket

Flashback 2011
This was on our queen size bed, not queen size though.
I made this blanket for my mother-in-law in 2011 and she loves it when she sitting in her recliner. It was very simple to do. I used an "S" loom (DA Infinity II loom you have seen in my videos but isn't made anymore). I just did the whole blanket in the e-wrap knit stitch minus the garter stitch at the beginning and end.

I used Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn (3.5 oz skeins of Peachy & White) the following way:
Need: S Loom *May end up a little different than showed due to differences in S looms. 
         (4 ) white 3.5 oz skeins
         (7) peachy 3.5 oz skeins

1. white
2. peachy
3. white
4, peachy
5. peachy
6. peachy
7. peachy
8. peachy
9. white
10. peachy
11. white

Each skein was used fully (as long as I could finish a row). It was easy, once one was done, move onto the next. You can still do the garter stitch to help with curling at the begining and end or easily modify this by doing either knitting or purling for each skein.