November 5, 2013

Priority Pyramid

I was on the blog "Gifts We Use" and came across the free printable, Priority Pyramid. I thought this would be a great tool whether for looming or just life in general. I plan on printing mine out and filling it in. Knowing what I want (and should) spend my energy on will be helpful in my life.

How would it apply to looming?

Well, it will let me focus on what projects are a priority and which can wait to be completed. Also, what elements of my business (Simply Intertwined) need my attention. But, I do plan on using it for the greater picture of my life in order to remind myself what is important to me. I just thought it was a great tip to share to my fellow visual learners. You can print more than one so it would be great for me to have one for my business and one for my life.

I plan on 2014 being a better year for me and for my business to grow. Getting a 9 to 5 type of job isn't as important to me as it once was since I began looming and teaching it in 2011. I found a new passion for this and want to have a career I enjoy that doesn't make my anxiety go crazy.

Hope it helps you as well if you decide to download it.