November 9, 2013

Getting Help With The Design Process (LOL)

I have been wanting to make myself a sweater for awhile but being plus size I know it will require some thought about yarn and design. My daughter saw me looking at some sweaters online to get an idea of what I might want it to look like and she decided it should be blue, green and white. (Not sure if I will do it in those colors. LOL) Then she asked to see the sweater and I said "I haven't made it yet. I have to think of the design first." (If only I could wave a wand and have it done, right?) She decided to help by rubbing my forehead thinking it would help me think of a design.

What a kid! She did a good job rubbing; I might have some ideas to plan out now. I've had the sweater in the picture for YEARS; it used to belong to my best friend. I think I've had it for 10 or more years. Definitely time to upgrade.