March 5, 2014

The Mint Baby Hat Pattern

This pattern is similar to my Simply Two Will Do Hat but made more for a baby.

What you will need:
Sock Loom 2 or All In One Loom from Authentic Knitting Board
Two colors of yarn (weight of 4): Green and White were used above
Crochet Hook
Loom Tool
Row Counter
  • Using the Sock Loom 2 (or All In One) cast on 54 pegs in a round using e-wrap or other method.
    • This is all the pegs on the Sock Loom 2
  • Using the white yarn, K1P1 for 5 rows (K1P1= knit one peg, purl one peg)
  • Add Green yarn at start
  • Using BOTH the green and white yarn alternate the colors on the pegs as you still K1P1 for 4 rows
    • I used green on my knitted pegs and white on the pegs I purled
    • During your last row of K1P1 make sure to end with green, you need to Knit the last two pegs in green. This will help the rows line up for hat. 
  • In white knit one row
  • In green knit one row
  • In white knit one row
  • In green knit one row
  • In white knit 3 rows
  • Now go back to using BOTH colors and alternate like you did before when K1P1 for 10 rows
  • Cut the green one leaving a tail. Tie this "tail" to the white yarn
  • In white knit 4 rows
  • Gather Bind Off