March 26, 2014

The Foster Hat

This past week I was able to make a cute, simple hat for a child in the foster care system. She loved it!

Using 76 pegs in the round on the All In One Loom, I alternated color and stitches. I didn't have a set pattern, deciding for this project to just loom it. I started with a chunky, pink yarn and did a small garter brim. From there, I switched to a soft, pretty blue yarn and "winged" it by alternating the stitches. I use a few rows of regular e-wrap knitting then went into the Figure 8 Stitch for awhile, then to the Moss Stitch, finishing off with the e-wrap knit stitch and basic bind off. The girl was in her teens and the hat fit her and me. I was happy she loved it.

The yarn was actually given to me by a couple looming friends and I want to say "Thank You" again because I repaid your gift by making a gift for someone else.

That is part of what looming is about to me. This will be under "free patterns" even though I don't have "specifics" in terms of row count. Just trust your instincts for how many to do of each.