March 29, 2014

Adding "Ring" Handles To Bags

Sometimes I am asked how I attached the handles you see above onto bags. These handles are just "rings" and the process it not too hard. If you watch my "Earflaps On A Loom" video that is the start of attaching the handles. 

First, you want to create two "tabs" (aka earflaps) on each side of the loom (directly across from each other), whether a circle or straight loom. Width of tabs is up to you. 

Second, place your ring on the "tab" and bring up your first stitches back onto the pegs (like doing a brim) around the ring. 

Third, knit over. Now, the handles are secure to your bag and you can continue. 

I typically make bags (on a straight loom) from the opening of the bag to the bottom. The smaller the tabs the closer the handle will be to the bag. Keep in mind yarn will give over time so you want the handle to be snug as possible without it being too tight around the ring.