March 10, 2014

3 Tips For Choosing Yarn

Over the years I have noticed there are three ways I decide on the yarn I want to use for a project.

  • First: The gauge of the loom is the first consideration.
    • Gauge is the space between the pegs. 
    • The bigger the gauge the more likely it is I want to use a bulky or super bulky yarn so that I can use only one strand. 
    • If I can't find a bulky yarn I will have to use two strands of a different weight yarn which I don't always like to do. 

  • Second: Texture
    • It is a great way to add to a project. 
      • For example, Lion Brand Homespun yarn. I like the feel and texture of it.
    • Is the project for a baby? Then I would want a soft yarn of course. Is it for home, like a dishcloth? Then I might want a more "rough" yarn. 
  • Third: Cost
    • A project like a baby blanket or adult blanket requires more yarn therefore more cost is involved.
    • I have to figure out my "budget" for each project and choose accordingly for it. 
    • Please don't go into debt with yarn. There are some wonderful "cheaper" yarns out there. I have found some great ones at a dollar store. 
      • For example, the hat you see me wear in the logos on my Facebook Page and Video was made with a skein of yarn from the dollar store which only cost $1.00. 

So, there are my 3 simple tips for choosing yarn: 
Gauge, Texture and Cost.