May 9, 2014

5 Ways To Improve Your Looming

When I first starting looming I made mistakes, like any loomer would, and as the years have past I started to think of what made me a better loomer. I am not the best loomer but I am better than I was when I started. I have mentioned some of these before but truly these are my top five ways in one list.

#1. Tension

  • Take the time to adjust your tension. Do smaller projects to practice before taking on a big projects when first starting out. Really notice how tight you are wrapping the pegs. Take note of your hand position. Do you need to hold the yarn differently to get better results? Investing in making a "styler pen" might help you to relax your tension. Also check out "How To Improve Your Tension" video. 

#2. Step Away From Patterns

  • Patterns are your friend of course but step away from them once and awhile. "Free Loom", as I call it, relying on what you know and your judgement to create a project. This builds confidence

#3. Ask Questions

  • This may seem obvious but I understand what it is like to be nervous to ask a question. However, in order to learn we must ask. There is no such thing as a "stupid" question. Chances are if you don't know it, someone else doesn't either. This is part of the reason I created my new segment on Youtube.

#4. Do Not Expect To Learn Everything At Once

  • It is easy to get excited about looming and want to learn everything at once as fast as you can: new cast ons, stitches, etc. However, I'm a believer in taking your time. Build on what you know, not moving on until you are ready. By taking your time you will become more consistent and confident in your work with tension and so forth. 
And finally...
#5. Find A Looming Support System (LSS)

  • It is so important to have your own LSS to help you, laugh with you, and guide you. Yes, you want family and friends to be supportive, and chances are they are, to a degree, but can they really relate to when a peg breaks? (I think I just heard everyone groan--see YOU get it!) 

I hope this helps you become the loomer you are destined to be.