May 5, 2014

Oh Where, Oh Where Has...

"Oh Where, Oh Where Has Some Of My Looms Gone? Oh Where, Oh Where Can They Be?"

Seriously.... this is the song stuck in my mind due to the fact I can not find a couple of my looms. Looms I wanted to make patterns for in the next few weeks.

I'm missing the green and red circle looms from this set:

And misplaced the yellow from this set. 

Did they grow legs and walk away because I am using my All In One Loom/Sock Looms more? Were they jealous?

It seems so. My home isn't that big which makes the "where did they go" more strange. I will have to take a couple hours to really focus on finding them today.


Let's hope my daughter didn't find and hide them from me.

Just when I think I'm more "organized" with my looming. Maybe I should hang them as wall Oh no...ideas are coming.

Have a great day everyone!