May 11, 2014

Get Your Loom Ready!

For Mother's Day here is a sneak peek at my next free pattern/video.

What is this you ask?

The start of the strap to my first official free pattern of a bag for my blog. It will be revealed sometime this upcoming week. I am creating and video taping at the same time. Monday I get to tackle the "flap" part then onto the bag itself. Then the editing begins! 

I'm pretty excited and surprised that I didn't have a pattern up for a bag up by now. So, if you have the loom pictured above (the long, blue knifty knitter 62 peg loom) then I hope you enjoy! If you don't, I'm sure you can modify to a loom you do have on hand. 

Whether you are a biological mom, stepmother, foster mom, single mom or just took on the role of "mom" for a child have a great day! If your mother has passed away, like mine, may happy memories be in your thoughts today. 

I was raised by my aunt and uncle, from age 5 and up (long story) so I also call it "Happy Aunt's Day" to her. There are many that are in "Mom" roles but don't have the official title of "Mom", celebrate them too. 

What are your plans for the day?