May 17, 2014

Update: My 1st Crochet Blanket...

My 1st crochet blanket is still a work in progress. (For previous post click here)

Today I wasn't able to work on my looming video for the bag due to a cold and sounding like a frog. Instead I decided to start working my first crochet blanket again which I haven't since December.

It is a long way from where I want it to be in size but a great "side" project. I am still learning and probably making mistakes. When I went to the kitchen to get a drink I came back and saw this and, of course, had to take a picture. Our daughter pretending to sleep using my blanket. Guess it's a kid approved blanket. 

I have a feeling once it's officially done she might say it's hers. She is a blanket girl. She is actually holding on to her favorite blanket, a receiving blanket she has had since birth. A blanket that I have had to fix many times. It is just a small square now but she still loves it. She has plenty of blankets but it's her favorite. Kids!

Probably the next time I post about this, I hope to have it done. How many of you are crocheters too? Knitters? What do you have going on as a "side project" to looming? Comment below!

Have a great day!