May 24, 2014

In order to teach...

As I have most likely said before, in order to teach, I have to learn first so that's what I'm doing. I know a lot of times it may seem like I'm not doing much but believe me behind the scenes of Simply Intertwined is crazy! (But in a good way.) I love what I do and I hope that translates to everyone who reads my blog and watches my videos.

I want to learn new stitches and techniques just like you. It takes time and practice. Some days, I'm not patient. I research, test, research again, throw the loom (okay maybe not throw the loom but have been tempted to) and start again.

I am interested in learning more about converting stitches done on needles to the loom, which I have been asked about in the past, but I am not a needle knitter (I don't even own a pair of needles).

Plus, I'm not interested in learning needle knitting, my hand and eye coordination isn't that great for it. It is why I only do some basic crocheting as well. But, my philosophy with looming is "if there's a will, there's a way". (I believe it comes from a proverb but not sure.)

I love when people ask me about how to make an item because I'm up for the challenge. It just takes research, planning and...time. I wish I could be faster.

As summer approaches videos making may be less (sorry) and researching will increase (yay!) on learning and creating new patterns.

Keep sending in those questions for me to answer, suggestions for items and more!