May 28, 2014

The Berry Bag Written Pattern

Name inspired by Bonny 

What you will need:

  • Long, blue Knifty Knitter loom (62 pegs) 

  • Looming tool & Crochet Hook
  • Worsted Weight (4) yarn 
    • I would say one to two skeins (I was using up some yarn when I made this bag.)
  • Row Counter
  • Scissors
  • Buttons

      Step One: The Strap Of The Bag
  • Using one side of loom and one strand of yarn cast on with e-wrap method 10 stitches (only 10 pegs will have yarn on them). 

  • Garter Stitch for 101 rows
  • Crochet Cast Off with one chain in between. 
  • Position loops on 5 pegs on one side as shown below (you may need to put more than one loop on a peg), repeat process with the other part of strap as well. 

  • Step Two: Button Hole and Flap

  • On one side of the loom, find roughly the middle of the loom (place a stitch marker if need be) and this is where we will create the button hole. 

  • Work on one of the pegs beside your stitch marker by wrapping and knitting over that peg 10 times. 

  • Now stretch what you have made over to the peg on the other side of the stitch marker, placing a loop on the peg. 
  • Go back to the peg you started with and ewrap cast on those three pegs in a row with your working yarn. 
  • This creates the button hole. 
  • Time for the flap which is like a triangle in the beginning. To do so, work you way back and forth knitting and adding a new peg each time on each side. The arrow shows me adding one on the right, when I work my way the other way I will add one on the other side.
  • Continue this until you reach the peg before the ones with the strap loops on it.
  • Once you reach that peg you will work your way back and forth for 16 rows so that flap is longer.

Step Three: The Bag Itself & Casting Off
  • Wrap the whole loom twice and knit 1 loop over 2 on the front part of the bag (where the flap is) and the strap sides (for the strap sides you may be knitting 2 over 2 if you have double loops on them). Leave the back pegs alone at this time. 
  • Continue this 1 over 2 process for 10 rows.
  • Now, wrap the loom and knit over so there is only 1 loop on a peg
  • Place stitch markers (or painter tape) on the loom as 2 on, 2 off on just the pegs where the flap is and mirror it on the other side.
  • On the pegs without markers, do the tight stitch of 1 over 2. On the markers do a chunky stitch of 3 over 1. Continue this for 7 rows. 
  • E-wrap knit one row so that all pegs have just one loop. 
  • Change colors if you want and now do the figure 8 stitch for 25 rows.
  • Now do one row of e-wrap knit before casting off.
  • Do the gather bind off (like you would a hat).
  • Attach your button where you want it to be on the bag.
  • Enjoy!